Suites and Apartments

The main house is completely redecorated in Winter 2017 and displays a modern style in warm natural colours with a little retro touch. All handcrafted furniture is from local manufacturers.

Breakfast is served in the main house and is fresh and personally prepared. We bake our buns and croissants daily fresh. Our breakfast is served as well on the patio with the beautiful long distance views as well inside.

In the main house we also installed a drinking water tap and an ice-cube machine. The water is filtered twice by a double purifier. Feel free to fill your bottle with water or take ice-cubes for your beverages. The use of these facilities is free of charge.

Also in the main house you find the honosty bar, where you can buy fresh drinks at democratic prices.

Room 2 - Gecko Apartment

From: R 625.00 Sleeps: 2 Number of Units: 1 Size: 60m²

Room 3 - Zebra Apartment

From: R 710.00 Sleeps: Max 2 adults + 1 child Number of Units: 1 Size: 65m²

Room 1 - Senufo Penthouse

From: R 710.00 Sleeps: 2 Adults + max 2 children Number of Units: 1 Size: 55m²

Room 5 - Ingadi Studio

From: R 545.00 Sleeps: 2 Number of Units: 1 Size: 25m²

Room 5 - Bella-Fang Studio

From: R 545.00 Sleeps: 2 Number of Units: 1 Size: 22m²